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SA Babes of The Week
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Blogger(Minato Namikaze)~Tis blog is originally linked to ~..*18sX*..~ squad which is one of the squad in SuddenAttackSea My and SG server...This blog is created due to the need of public who want to know more about our squad in SA..Hence,the birth of tis blog is to provide information,photos,events,updates,videos,player bio and etc...The squad iscreated by The Leader(The suSpEcT) with the mountainly support by MinatoNamikaze,Therryboybast,Taiko,Everlast7,Paipkatam,Hankypanky,13thal,Jamesbond009 and etc....Lastly our mission is to bond all of the player like 1family,build a harmony and peaceful community,to ensure that every teammates have the spirit of Kamikaze(Suicide)..My future plan is to upload photos of all the players and our cc in order to show the condition and full packed action when SB(Squad Battle)...Hope that u guys can giv full support in tis blogand our squad...Although our squad is not very rich(no emblem) but the leader had promised to all of us that he would put the emblem as soon as possible...Ourmain CC for this squad is located in Sungai Petani,Kedah...This cc has provide us with a good playing environment such as nice seat,good air-con,selling drinks and beverages,even nasi goreng and many more...juz like restaurant...We all so happy that ours quad blog had officially created("_) because all of the teammates had eagerly wait for its official launched...So all of the other squad who hav read our squad blog hopefully can change email address and etc...All of the family in ~..*18*sX*..~wished to all the players in SA to have a good and happy life whether in game or real life..Do not hesitate to comment or shared ur opinion on tis squad blog..Well,as a new squad we also learning on how to be more professional and think positively while in game...As u all might know that lately SA had been flooded by Hackers and In game abusing...Hopefully that all players in SA do take action to this critical problems that even GM also cannot solve on their own..So as 1 of the SQuad in SA,~..*18sX*..~wan to encourage all of theplayers to stop using illegal program,abusive,offence and more...DO TAKE ACTION PPL....

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

2NE1 in Sudden Attack

                                Wanna try 1 vs 1 wif 1 of them???

 Big Bang members has transformed into game characters.

Big Bang are the new models for popular online video game Sudden Attack. They’re not the first k-celeb to be featured in a video game, the first being Rain whose character was met with surprising popularity. However, unlike the former, this collaboration is supposed to incorporate more than just their looks, but their music & style as well and could possibly be used for modeling future projects as well. Must say, the video game does make them look a lot tougher than say their comic strip.Vote Big Bang++...

~Receiving Transmission~

I would sadly announced that ~..*18sX*..~ squad leader will be going to melaka for 1 week..That means our squad doesnt have a leader for a week..For any information and inquiries plz dun hesitate to PM me or other Vice in..*18sX*..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vote 4 ur favourite ACC in ~..*18sX*..~

Vote 4 ur favourite ACC in ~..*18sX*..~ squad now...Dun miss the opportunity!!!!!

Bigbang Acc in SA

Monday, September 21, 2009

Event-Player Gatherings and Photography Session

  • Tomorrow(official cc) ~..*18sX*..~ will held an event that consist of player gatherings and photography session.
  • Date-23/09/2009
  • Venue-PTS cybercafe.
  • An official SB will also be held.
  • Each of the family members please do take note from this event.
  • Hope that each of the family members can come and support this event...++
  • Terms and condition apply.

From Sudden Attack Hack Guru

  • SA Hack Guru planning to upload an unblockable hack when his youtube subscribers reach 100 views....